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Vacuum / Furnace construction

graphite products, heating rod, bridge, tube,furnace, cfc-products, isolation
graphite products, bridge heatings rods,
Graphite parts / graphite products made of extruded & isostatic pressed materials
  • graphite bridge
  • graphite connectors
  • graphite heating rod
  • graphite heating tube
  • graphite supports
  • graphite binder
  • graphite gas distributor plate
  • graphite charging plates
  • graphite screws, nuts & seals
  • several graphite parts for coating industry / technology
Rigid felt boards, soft felt, graphite foil, graphite laminate plates
Heat-resisting isolation
  • rigid felt boards
  • soft felt
  • graphite foil
  • graphite laminate plates
CFC  profiles, rigid felt boards
CFC - products
  • CFC-plates
  • CFC-profiles ( U-, L-, H- profiles to protect the rigid felt boards)
  • CFC-bandages
  • CFC-carriers / CFC-racks
  • CFC-All thread rods, nuts & screws
  • CFC-rotors / CFC-rods / CFC-tubes
CFC rotor, CFC parts, CFC tube, CFC rods, CFC
CFC-carrier, CFC-rack
CFC products, rods, all-thread, nuts, screws
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